TCA YUM jpeg0001My name is Mike Nicley. I joined the U.S. Border Patrol in September of 1980 and I retired from the agency in March of 2007. When I retired I was the Chief Patrol Agent of the Tucson Sector: the largest, most active sector in the country. During my career I served as the Deputy Chief of the Border Patrol in Washington, DC, the Assistant Regional Director for the Border Patrol program in the INS’s Western Region, the Chief Patrol Agent of the Yuma Sector, and for a period of six months, the Interim Chief Patrol Agent of the San Diego Sector. While moving through the ranks I served at some of the busiest, most problematic locations in the nation.

This brief career outline is meant to provide visitors with insight regarding how I acquired familiarity and developed my positions concerning the subjects listed in my tag line. I have firsthand knowledge of the negative impacts brought about by uncontrolled illegal immigration, drug trafficking and a chaotic border environment.

I have never used this media to communicate and I am only doing so now because I am increasingly troubled by the tone and truthfulness of the important debates currently shaping public opinion. The legalization of marijuana and other controlled substances seems to be growing in acceptance to the general public. A limited amnesty for illegal aliens has already been enacted and a much broader amnesty is being considered by the Obama Administration. The public debate surrounding these important issues, and many others, is rife with fabrications, falsehoods and outright lies designed to garner public support for a particular position.

On this site I will endeavor to provide factual information and reasoned opinion. I am not presumptuous enough to believe I will have the final word on anything important, but I would like to provide a forum for anyone seeking a civil, fact-based discussion about important topics. I may offer my opinion, but it will never be disguised as fact. (I’ll likely throw in a few random rants when the urge strikes.)

I maintain contact with active Border Patrol Agents at all levels of the agency and I am a member of two large retiree organizations: the Fraternal Order of Retired Border Patrol Officers (Click here to visit FORBPO’s website.) and the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (Click here to visit NAFBPO’s website.) I am not a spokesman for either organization. If any of my Border Patrol contacts, colleagues or friends would like me to post a question/answer on this site, I will do so under the “Border Patrol” category. (The question will not be attributed unless otherwise requested.) Any general comments or concerns about this site can be posted in the “reply” section at the bottom of this page or you can drop me a line at: nicley@borderpatrolretiree.com

I’m looking forward to our discussions.

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